What Does Computation Feel Like?        
Zach Lieberman

What does it mean to code and how can we use that in meaningful, poetic and strange ways? For the curious, an experimental conditional design workshop to practically explore the environment of computational thinking without writing a line of code.
Using hands-on representation such as drawing, objects and other transformational practices we will explore processes of computation and interactivity.

Zach Lieberman

Zach Lieberman is an artist, researcher, and educator with a simple goal: he wants you to be surprised. In his work, he creates performances and installations that take human gestures as input, amplifying them in different ways: making drawings come to life, imagining what the voice might look like if we could see it, transforming people's silhouettes into music. He's been listed as one of Fast Company's Most Creative People and his projects have received the Golden Nica from Ars Electronica and Interactive Design of the Year from Design Museum London. His work has also been listed in Time Magazine's Best Inventions of the Year. He creates artwork through writing software and is a co-creator of openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding that is an outstanding way for artists and designers to start making striking visual work with code. He has helped to co-found the School for Poetic Computation, a school examining the lyrical possibilities of code, and he is an Associate Professor at M.I.T

4h workshop

Saturday December 5th 2020

Software: Miro

Requirements: All are welcome.

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