Introduction to Touchdesigner: Animation and Motion Capture Youngjun Chang

This series of three workshops provides an introduction to TouchDesigner, offering an accessible entry point into the software and its capabilities.

In these sessions Chang Youngjun will walk through a number of the basic concepts as well as illuminating the building blocks of the software.
1. The first session will be 'What you can do with TouchDesigner' covering the basic use of the software.

2. The second session will be 'Animation in TouchDesigner' covering 3D animation and point clouds.

3. The third workshop will be 'Using motion capture data for animation' plus a showcase and discussion about work made during the series.

Youngjun Chang   

Youngjun Chang is a creator exploring digital dance performance and using machine learning to find the relationship between body movements, technology, and the transformation of choreography. His work tries to create a space where the human body can improvise its movements with computational processes in real-time.

Three 4h Worshops

Monday 9th November 2020
Monday 16th November 2020
Monday 23rd November 2020
2.00pm–6.00pm GMT

Software: TouchDesigner

Suitable for beginners
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