Python Programming
Long Nguyen

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A four-day introduction to working with Python, an increasingly popular programming language used in many fields, from 3D modelling and web programming to scientific computing and artificial intelligence. The language has simple and clean syntax, making it accessible to beginners.

Thanks to Rhino and Grasshopper’s support of Python, users can programmatically access its powerful 3D modelling environment, including all essential features of its advanced NURBS engine.
This opens up many new possibilities including:

■ Building simple scripts/tools that automate repetitive modelling tasks
■ Developing tools and workflow specific to your team's needs
■ Programming advanced design algorithms that are not possible with standard out-of-the-box tools
■ Using Python as a creative design tool.

This 4 half-day course will cover the following topics: Intro to Python fundamental programming concepts: variable, data, data types, conditional statements, loops, data structure; The Python code editor in Rhino and Grasshopper; Creating and debugging simple Rhino commands using Python, etc.; Intro to RhinoCommon library; Creation and editing of points, vectors, curves and surfaces.; Objected-oriented programming; Reading and writing text files; Generating and controlling randomness (e.g. random geometric variations); Working with colors; Additional topics if requested by the participants (e.g. recursion, fractals)

Long Nguyen

Long is currently a Research Associate at the Institute for Computational Design(ICD) at University of Stuttgart. As a computer scientist with several years working with the architecture community, Long has developed a deep interest in computational design. His current activities at the ICD includes research in computational geometries, digital form findings, digital/robotic fabrication, plugin development for Rhino/Grasshopper and Autodesk Dynamo. He also has a great passion for teaching programming, algorithms,mathematics and computational design thinking.
Four 4h Workshops

Saturday 10 / Sunday 11 October
Saturday 17 / Sunday 18 October

Requirements: Python/Rhino – Beginner to Intermediate

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