Hybrid Futures Symposium:
Re-Imagining Human-Machine Encounters
Digital Innovation Season Finale


The Hybrid Futures Symposium brings together thinkers, researchers and creative practitioners to illuminate the impact of digital technologies on the human and the nonhuman. 

What does it mean to be human in a world increasingly populated by and designed for machines? What kind of futures we imagine in our encounter with the non-humanity of technology? Are machines destined to rule the world beyond our control and capacity? Or can the human-machine encounter be re-imagined as collaboration rather than antagonism? As coevolution rather than hierarchy?

The Hybrid Futures Symposium will offer ideas on how to build creative and critical responses to the challenges technologies present today, and the kind of questions we should ask to craft future sustaining human-machine encounters. The symposium brings together thinkers, researchers and creative practitioners to illuminate the impact of digital technoogies on the human and the nonhuman.

Speaker abstracts and bios available here.

Speakers include:

Memo Akten, Computational Artist/Researcher/Philomath

Adam Nocek, Professor of Philosophy of Technology and STS and Director of the Center for Philosophical Technologies (CPT) at Arizona State University

Tobias Rees, Director of the Berggruen Institute’s Transformations of the Human Program and Reid Hoffman Professor of Humanities at the New School for Social Research https://www.berggruen.org/people/tobias-rees/;

Maggie Roberts, Artist, Part of the collaborative group  0(rphan)d(rift>)

Nye Thompson, Artist turned Software Designer turned Artist

Kaye Toland, educator, researcher and transdisciplinary designer specialising in social innovation and design futures https://www.kayetoland.com/; 

Joana Chicau, graphic designer, coder, researcher - with a background in dance https://www.joanachicau.com/;

Betti Marenko, transdisciplinary researcher across process philosophies, design studies, and the critique of technology, exploring how speculative-pragmatic interventions can problematize knowledge-making and future-building
The symposium will look at how to imagine and implement politically engaged practices that reflect on and interrogate the role of technologies in the everyday, how spaces of creative resistance and critical response can be envisioned, and hybrid futures crafted through practical speculation.

Free. Everyone welcome.

Hybrid Futures:
Hosting a series of critical talks with leading-edge practitioners and thinkers around the interaction between humans and machines, curated and led by Dr Betti Marenko, Reader in Design and Techno-Digital Futures at the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. Learn More

Saturday, 30th January 15:00pm-18:00pm GMT


15.00 – 15.15 Welcome and introduction (Betti Marenko)

15.15 – 16.15 Panel 1 + discussion (Tobias Rees, Maggie Roberts, Memo Akten) 

16.15 – 16.45 Hybrid Futures Hackathon Showcase of the six shortlisted entries (Kaye Toland and Joana Chicau)

16.45 – 16.50 break

16.50 – 17.40 Panel 2 + discussion (Adam Nocek, Nye Thompson)

17.40 – 18.00 Prize Award (special guest judge Rathna Ramanathan, Dean of Academic Strategy CSM) + conclusion

Organization and chair: Betti Marenko

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