Interactive Sceen Printing - Paper
Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

Workshop delivered

The one-day workshop will provide an introduction to building simple and effective sensors based on capacitive sensing. This will be done by combining screen-printed conductive Bare Electric Paint on paper with the Bare Touch Board, a powerful yet intuitive and simple to use, micro-controller board. In the morning we will gain a good understanding of the science and the technology that allow for this type of interactive experience through a hands-on approach. Students will then take some time to experiment with sensor building and with assigning a range of outputs to the interaction.

During the afternoon, participants will be shown examples of screen-prints on different type of paper and fabric and will learn about different mediums and additives that can be used together with the Bare Conductive Paint.

Students will then transform their designs into stencils suitable to be mounted on screens and finally screen-print on a range of materials (the type of which can be discussed and agreed prior to the workshop). Designs will be converted into printable stencils by using software such as Adobe Illustrator and or Photoshop. Prints will be made interactive by assigning sounds to sensors (main output). The workshop will conclude with a quick show and tell, in order to give students the ability to share with the rest of the participants what they have achieved during the workshop.

Please note: this workshop is delivered at Central Saint Martins so students should be able to commit to attending in person at the King's Cross campus.

Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

Antinori's work traverses a multitude of mediums including sculpture, print and interactive installations, examining the language of power and control of corporate systems and its effects on the belief systems of the individual. Through his practice he aims to explore the mystical, almost supernatural mechanism by which the dominant political and economic powers shape reality and ultimately inform notions of faith and trust in society at large. Antinori was selected for the PS1 Summer School, New York, in 2012 to study with Marina Abramović, and has recently participated in the Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania (2015). Recent exhibitions include solo shows with East London Printmakers, London (2015), and Dream Home, Arebyte Gallery, London (2015), Brun Fine Art (2016), The MoCA Shanghai Pavilion (2016).

On site Workshop

Saturday 28th November

Software:  Illustrator/Photoshop, Arduino IDE, Audacity

The workshop doesn't require specialist knowledge but participants may benefit from a theoretical or practical understanding of interactive surfaces, coding and water based screen-printing techniques.

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