The Hybrid Futures Lab is an experimental research laboratory at the intersection of design, technologies and philosophies.

The Hybrid Futures Lab uses a hybrid theory-practice model to drive a creative and critical understanding of techno-digital futures. It uses design tools and practices to address the impact of technologies on, and transformations of, the human and the non-human.

The Hybrid Futures Lab works at the hinge of the speculative and the pragmatic.

The Hybrid Futures Lab produces intellectual interrogations to scaffold tangible interventions which in turn feedback on speculation.

The Hybrid Futures Lab stays open to invention, exploration and possible futures (the speculative) while attuning to what is happening, the present and how it moves and shifts (the pragmatic).

The Hybrid Futures Lab activates ideas by prototyping techniques that engage with the not-yet, that turn uncertainty into ways of knowing, and use the unknown for sensemaking opportunities.

The Hybrid Futures Lab questions the fiction of innovation as progress, solutionism and techno-determinism. Instead, it explores how change, novelty, and futures meet with contingency, unknowns and positive uncertainty.

The Hybrid Futures Lab asks how is the new being produced? How do we stay with the unknown and take uncertainty as a material to work with? How do we catalyse the unexpected as change-making force? How to capture stories from futures so that they shape a present in the making? How to anticipate without being colonized by the rhetoric of “change”, “progress’, “newness”, “future”?

The Hybrid Futures Lab provides no answers. Instead, it prototypes lines of investigation, experiments and practical thinking to craft futures and the stories we tell each other about futures. Imbued as they are by norms, values, orientations, tacit assumptions and ideologies, these stories shape cultural imaginaries, behaviours, practices, methods, ways of being, economies. They shape the world.
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