Dreams Rewired (Talk)
Manu Luksch


Taking as a point of departure the montage film Dreams Rewired (Luksch, Reinhart, Tode, 2015) and its archival source material, which ranges from newsreels and scientific recordings to the first dramatic works, Luksch’s presentation will offer a historical perspective on urgent issues in current network and information politics. Such dominant modes of the contemporary as the striving for simultaneity and ubiquity, the enclosure of the media commons, the pursuit of efficiency in personal, domestic, corporate and public spheres – all were prefigured in the Electric Age, in the decades around 1900.

The talk will employ visions from the Electric Age to illuminate specific present-day concerns, including the battle over ‘net neutrality’, the extension of state and corporate control to synthetic space via ‘smart’ homes and cities and the ‘Internet of Things’, aerial dominance through autonomous weapon systems, and the establishment of a regime of surveillance capitalism based on behavioural nudging.

Manu Luksch      

Resident Artist at Somerset House and former Open Society Fellow, is artist and film director, whose practice interrogates conceptions of progress with a strong emphasis on research, participation and new forms of engagement. Her films and art works address the regulation of public space, the construction of independent media infrastructure, and widespread corporate data surveillance. Through the 2000s, a major focus of Luksch's work was the data trace – the digital shadows cast by humans in networked space in the course of daily activities. More recently, this focus has broadened to include algorithmic management as deployed in 'smart city' contexts. Her work is included, amongst other, in the Collection Centre Pompidou, the BFI National Archive, and the Core Collection at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


Wednesday 11th November 2020
Start time - 6:30pm

Screening of Dreams Rewired available on this site for the 2 weeks prior to the talk. Click here to sign-up for the screening.

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